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Chair Glide Overview

Find the Chair Glides you need!
 We offer a complete selection of Glides (and Casters) for all types of Chairs. Our huge selection of stock allows us to ship most orders on the same day that they are received. Not sure how to measure? Feel free to contact us and let us help you identify the proper size.

Plastic Insert Chair Glides

 Plastic Insert Leg Glides

Designed with an internal shoulder that grabs onto the inside of the tubing. We carry round, square and rectangular glides in many sizes to fit most popular tubing. Not sure on the gauge size? Try one of our universal Gator options.

 Rubber and Plastic Chair Glides

Plastic Cap Leg GlidesRibbbed Rubber Crutch TipsSmooth Rubber Crutch Tips

These caps are also popular as "Crutch Tips". Use the rubber version when you do not want the leg to easily move. When you have hollow tubing consider the option that has a steel washer installed that will keep the leg from cutting through the soft rubbre bottom. The plastic versions are popular for folding chairs and tables.

 Felt Base Chair Glides and Felt Pads for Chairs

felt base leg glides

The best choice for delicate floors where other materials may leave scratches. The felt helps "pad" any dirt that may have been picked up from the floor. We also offer felt base glide caps that snap onto the bottom of Ferrule and Platform glides.

 Ferrule Type - Chair Glides

ferrule leg glides

These have a ferrule that wraps around the outside of the tube and a spring-steel clip that grabs onto the inside of the tubing. Most often used on the bottom of classroom furniture.

  Platform Type Chair Glides

platform leg glides

The tubing leg rests on the steel platform and a spring-steel clip grabs onto the inside of the tubing. Select Square options are also available with vinyl bumpers to keep chair legs from scratching each other while stacked.

 Nail On Chair Glides

nail on leg glides

The nail drives into a wood leg. Our high quality nail on leg glides feature a plastic cushion that helps silence the furniture and keep it from "chattering" when being moved. Check out our felt base glides below that feature the new high tech "ring nail" that holds even better than a traditional nail.

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